Old Vršovice

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Vršovice at the end of the 19th century.
Notice the Villa Gröbe (Grébovka) to the
left, and on the right the Vršovice Mansion
(Rangherka), and the parish church of
St Nicolas

The first Vinohrady Tunnel (1871). Notice
the 18th-century Chapel of the Holy Family
on the left. This is before the Nusle Steps
were constructed
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The Eden Pleasure Gardens in 1922.
As well as the helter-skelter there were
five kilometres (three miles) of boating
lakes. Now Tesco's and the Slavia
football stadium stand here.
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Hálkova Street, 1925. The following year
it was renamed Kodaňská (Copenhagen)
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The Jan Roháč Barracks (Míčánka), once
the home of the 28th Infantry, now the
Palace of Justice for Prague 10, 4, 8 and 9
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The Rangherka before 1899, showing its
original twin-towered western entrance
The Rangherka, c. 1900. Notice the new
south-facing entrance and cupola, and
re-modelled facade
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Marketplace on Krymská
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St Nicolas's Church, 1910, seen from
Smolenská. The new west end and facade
were added in 1896.
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Looking down Krymská from
Vršovické Náměstí

Villa Gröbe (Grébovka), 1947
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Waldesovo Muzeum. Established in
1918, this was the home of the collection
of Jindrich Waldes before the second
world war
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Eden Football ground, 1954
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Tram in front of the church of St
Ludmila, Namesti Miru, Vinohrady,
date unknown
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