Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Lightning over Vršovice

One of the dangers of the electronic blog, as opposed to the old pen-and-ink version, is the possibility of having your laptop wiped out by a lightning strike just at the critical moment; and believe me, there were plenty of opportunities for that to happen for about an hour and a half this evening, when the mother of all storms paid a visit to Vršovice.

This picture was taken just before 10pm, when the last vestiges of the tempest were drifting away to the North. Now the sky is clear, the torrential downpour has magically been turned off, and all is calm again.
Sadly I cannot provide a recording of the thunder, which was easily as impressive as the lightning.

The storm had me scurrying for my extremely useful dictionary of idiomatic phrases, where I found, as I thought I might, 'jako bouře ve sklenici vody' - 'like a storm in a glass of water' (unsurprisingly, the 'teacup' means little to non-British peoples). By the way, Shakespeare's late romance 'The Tempest', is called, simply, 'Bouře'; it's a popular play with the Czechs, who have a penchant for putting on outdoor performances in the summertime at Prague Castle. Though not tonight, I hope.


Karin Shepherd said...

I was kind of hoping (when leaving Greece this October) that we might be leaving behind those kinds of thunder and lightening dramas! We have had lightening so close it actually broke the light bulbs out of our light sockets in the kitchen! Guess we had better bring our surge protectors, huh? Nice photo....!

Alex Went said...

Indeed! But now the day is dawning clear and bright - and a good deal cooler with it :)

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