Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Sunlight on an old wall, Košická

At the end of Košická stands an old house which has somehow survived the grand sweep of history, even though the rear elevation, seen here from the neighbouring Na Královce, is really quite dilapidated.

I have no idea of the history of the building, but the hexagonal turret (on the right of the picture) has always struck me as an unusual and interesting feature, and the two gaping windows and fallen plasterwork amplify the air of abandonment, even - perhaps especially - in the summer sunshine.

This is a quiet, unprepossessing area of town. The unusual cottage next door is now a Montessori school, and I shall be showing some pictures of it soon. It has a small picturesque garden, inhabited no doubt by fairy-folk. But if it's real ghosts you're after, this is surely the nearest you'll come to a haunted house.


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