Saturday, 7 May 2011

Pankrác Crane

On the Pankrác plateau to the south of Vršovice they've broken ground for Prague's (and the Czech Republic's) tallest residential structure, the City Epoque 'twin towers' - and this is one of the cranes which has been pressed into service. All kinds of debates have raged over the last few years concerning the new building, which will dominate the skyline for miles around, but in fact at 104 metres it won't be any taller than the existing City Tower (seen here in the background).

More controversially, however, the new skyscraper will not be a simple block like its neighbours, but a daring V-shape. To get a clearer image, I've included one of the mock-ups available from the project website.

Pankrác, by the way, is the Czech spelling of Saint Pancras, and it's famous - notorious rather - for its prison, which during the Nazi and communist periods was also a place of execution. But in recent years the area has been earmarked for a vast new residential and business development, of which the City Epoque towers will form the centrepiece. 

Below: City Epoque building (under construction) and the existing Panorama hotel


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