Saturday, 7 May 2011

Café Sladkovský celebrations

Can it really be only 444 days since the Café Sladkovský opened its doors on an unsuspecting Vršovice? The convivial drinkery and tapas bar on the comer of Sevastopolská and Černomořská has become so much part of the local scene that it seems - like some of its regulars - to have been there for ever. The precise mathematics don't much matter of course - 443 or 445 days would do just as well as an excuse for a party.

Tonight that was exactly what proprietor Michal (dressed here in a rather smart burgundy cravat) and his bar staff had arranged; and as a bonus the springlike weather held into the evening to allow a sizeable crowd to gather outside to usher in not only a 'hezký víkend' (yes, that's exactly what it sounds like) but many such víkends to come.

I continue to admire the number of dogs that drag their owners here on a daily basis. They must know the benefits of refreshing Czech ale. My friend Jilly of Riviera Dogs would have a field day (click to visit her blog, and please note the apposite quotation from Prague's own Franz Kafka).


Jilly said...

What a great place - you've captured so beautifully the ambiance with that light inside and out. Love the dapper owner. Thanks so much for the link, dear Alex. I'd not thought for ages about that quotation - strange of all the dog quotations there are that I should have chosen this one, considering our eventual friendship and therefore connection to Prague. Life is like that. There's no such thing as a coincidence.

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