Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter Monday in St Ludmila's Church

Easter is known in Czech as Velikonoce, or 'Great Night', a name which suitably sums up the significance in the Christian calendar of the Resurrection of Christ, but which also recalls the moment of the passing of Winter and the coming of Spring.  

I have been away for a while. When I last posted something on this blog, it was indeed winter, and snow was weighing down the rooftiles. Now, the white stuff has been replaced with fallen blossom and trees are alive with lilac blooms. Passing St Ludmila's today I could have kicked myself for not bringing my camera, so readers will have to make do with a photograph of a somewhat lower resolution than normal, taken on my smartphone. Not too bad after a bit of digital fiddling, and at least it captures the moment.

I also noticed for the first time today that it's only flash photography that's forbidden inside, so look out in the coming days for more interiors of this splendid neo-gothic church at the heart of Naměstí Miru.  And now that the Prague Spring is properly here, may I wish all health and happiness to loyal followers of Vršovice Photo Diary.


Karin said...

My husband and I went to a Christmas concert in St. Ludmilla's a couple years ago. It is indeed, a beautiful church. Appreciated the heated seats....the church was so cold we could almost see our breath! Thanks for photo.
So glad to see you back and look forward to many more photos and stories. It sounds beautiful in Prague...spring is truly here! they say here in Greece as an Easter Greeting...Christos Anesti!

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