Sunday, 14 November 2010

Warmest November day on record

The record books were torn up in Prague today as the mercury rose to an astonishing 21.2º C (70.1º F), the hottest weather ever set down for mid-November. That was in the centre of town. Here in Vršovice it certainly felt just as warm in the breezeless air, though the temperature was more likely in the high teens.

The Havlíčkovy gardens were heaving with families, small children and dogs, many of whom made their way up the steep slope of the vineyards to the Grébovka gazebo - where the refreshment of choice was Pilsener lager rather than the more seasonal wine. And as you can see, it was strictly shirt-sleeves order!

In this view you can see the extension built on to the side of the gazebo with its mirror-glass wall showing the view to the south of the city. One nice effect of this 2004 addition is that the expanse of reflected sky lends even more of a floating appearance to the oriental-style hillside pagoda, originally constructed in the 1880s. Above and to the left, the massive villa, itself recently refurbished, looked like a great white liner against the Mediterranean-blue sky. An extraordinary day, unlikely to be repeated before the snow sets in - but who knows? Today was proof, if any were needed, for apologists of global warming everywhere.


Jilly said...

Love the shot, Alex, with the reflection in the mirror and the vines. An extraordinary gazebo.

Karin said...

We will indeed call you when we come to Prague. We are in the USA visiting family, then Ireland, then back to Paros, Greece. We look forward to coming back to Prague in the fall of 2011 and sharing some vino (or beer!) in the gazebo!

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