Friday, 1 October 2010

Turf Wars

When I first visited Prague in 1991 the only graffiti I spotted was a stick man hanging from a hammer and sickle, sprayed thinly onto a wall beneath a bridge in Branik. Pretty daring stuff.  These days, it's everywhere, usually thoughtlessly and unartistically daubed on facades and doorways, even in the historic centre.
There's a wide range of equally unappealing stuff - largely 'tags' drawn in the usual spiky style to define some gang or other's territory.  Having said that, there is something visually striking about the overlaying of rival signatures in this collection from a wall running alongside the Botič stream on the Vršovice/Michle border.

What you don't get much of (apart from the traditional Satanic beard and horns applied to politicians' faces on election posters) is political sentiment of the sort that the commies clamped down on so successfully. The nearest I have found locally is the slogan in today's smaller picture: 'our streets, our towns' (scrawled on the hoardings of the building site behind the Rangherka). Just round the corner is another, in the same hand, reading 'today the pavements, tomorrow the whole park'. Quite witty.

But what I really want to know about all this graffiti is why you never see the little devils actually doing it...

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Jilly said...

The subtle colours in this are pleasing unlike the in-your-face garishness of much graffiti. And right, how often are the vandals caught? Same problem in Menton. Not so in Monaco!

Alex Went said...

Hi Jilly - yes - I'm pleased with the colours of this photo - works really well as a Windows background, too!

Hood Photo Blog said...

Happy Theme Day - great post for "graffiti"

Have a wonderful weekend :)

Hood Photo Blog

Laurence said...

My fave as seen on the Charles Bridge, handily written in English:

'Welcome to the old Chuck bridge,
where every flash
is like a wish.'

Alex Went said...

Hi Laurence - brilliant! (Thinks... may have to devote an entire blog to Prague scrawlings...)

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