Friday, 8 October 2010

Elektra tram on Moskevská

The Elektra 14T from Škoda, with bodywork by Porsche, was introduced between 2006 and 2009, representing the most innovative re-design in public transport for many years. The main change from the old-style trams was the bendy section in the middle, which theoretically meant more room for passengers.

Sadly, the designers blew it by arranging the seating in such a way as to make the whole experience less convenient and mildly uncomfortable.

Something about the gearing makes these trams emit a high-pitched whine as they accelerate, and last but not least in this catalogue of woes, the old passenger access by the driver's door has gone, isolating the driver in a futuristic cab and causing mass-migration towards the rear doors every time a new-style tram approaches the stop. My friend Jim runs a facebook page dedicated to this chimaera of the transport system.

Fortunately, after the delivery of only sixty trams, they are to be replaced with 250 of the much better-looking 'ForCity' model, which will also premiere in the Latvian capital Riga in the coming year, and which feature, I am assured, pivoting bogies. To see pictures of this pendolino of the tram world, please see this article from Wikipedia.


Bill said...

Wow, a Porsche train! You certainly have nice trains over there.

Alex Went said...

Yes - sounds quite grand doesn't it - but I still prefer the old kind :)

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