Sunday, 17 October 2010

Richard Tipping

Australian-born Richard Tipping is an artist and poet who specializes in art works which play with and subvert the written word, such as his 'Stop Go', pictured here. He has become especially well-known for his sculptural and printed pieces which take strings of connected words like 'openotherend' and 'hearthearth' and arrange them in ways that allow various meanings to emerge - for example the words 'dope not here' can be found in the first example, while the second gives rise to combinations of  'earth', 'hearth', 'the art' and so on.

His concrete poems have been turned into sculptures, watch-faces and large-scale landscape pieces; some have been commissioned by public institutions, and still others are held in permanent collections in Australia and New York, Frankfurt and Oxford.

In Vršovice's Café Sladkovský tonight, Richard gave a brief overview of his work with examples of his poetry along with a startlingly good rendition of Waltzing Matilda on the Jew's harp. He appeared as a perfomer in the current Prague Microfestival, which takes place all this week at various locations in the city.


Leif Hagen said...

Fun technique! I haven't learned how to mix color on a black/white photo yet...

Alex Went said...

I use it sparingly, Leif. In this case the portrait itself worked best in b/w but to change the whole photo would have removed the meaning and humour of the sign, so I just 'flood filled' the grey area of the sign with its original red - a one-click procedure. I use Paint Shop Pro, but any photo ediitng suite should do it. All the best, Alex.

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