Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Corner of Krymská and Košická

Krymská is an intriguing street with an endearingly shabby appearance (today's building excepted). It runs along the hill parallel with the tramlines, then continues into a dishevelled plot that is happily being revived as a spot for traditional market fairs, before opening out onto Vršovické Náměsti.

Like the shelves of its many grocers, it's well-provisioned: at one end a couple of friendly restaurants and bars, and at the other an Irish pub and more shops selling everything from textiles and fruit and veg to car parts and pianos.

In common with nearly all the turn-of-the-century streets in this part of town, its name comes from a geographical location, in this case the Crimea. Neighbouring streets are appropriately named after Sevastopol, the Black Sea, and the river Don.

The fine residential building in today's post - also home to a well-ordered Vietnamese mini-market - has had a recent makeover, and the newly-painted facade makes it something of a striking beacon in the winter sunshine. No doubt it will mellow with time, and maybe even re-acquire some of the peeling - and appealing - grandeur of its pre-restored state.

The pictures below show the building now and as it was a century ago.


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