Sunday, 12 September 2010

Sunlight in Rostovská

Yesterday I went in search of one of Vršovice's oldest buildings, the 270-year-old 'Jitřenka' villa, of which more tomorrow. On the way I passed along the attractive Rostovská Street, home to two good pubs, 'The Seventeen' and 'Gulliver's'.

The Seventeen has recently been redecorated and now serves Hedgehog Ale (Ježek), to the great delight of its local clientele. Gulliver's, which also has an excellent menu featuring various skewered meats, serves the better-known and pretty much ubiquitous Pilsner Urquell (Plzeňský Prazdroj), one of the most venerable of all Czech beers.

The dog and his fashionably-dressed owner outside Gulliver's were too good to miss. I like the way they're wearing pretty much complementary colours - and the spaniel certainly looks as though he could do with a quick taste of Hedgehog. Or perhaps not. A cautionary tale from many years ago: on a hot Sunday in the English countryside, a family friend poured a generous measure of beer into our American beagle's water dish. The dog lapped it up with gusto - then immediately rolled onto its back in a catatonic stupor, with its four legs pointing directly upwards. Amusing though it may sound, do not try this at home - booze is bad for man's best friend.

Tomorrow, a special for all fly-fishers among our readers. 


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