Thursday, 2 September 2010

More from the Market

Farmers' markets are currently very popular in Prague. Just round the corner the owner of the Sladkovský Café has been petitioning - successfully, I'm pleased to say - to allow an occasional market to be resurrected on a disused plot of land where such markets took place in the past.

Yesterday's photo, and today's, were taken in Kubánské Náměstí, where there has been a market for 50 years, according to this page which has been set up specially to support the growing number of Farmers' Markets in the area.

When the outlying villages and suburbs of Prague such as Vršovice were incorporated into the city at the turn of the twentieth century, their market traditions came with them, including the name Farmář, borrowed from English and German 'farmer'.

The other word here, Tržiště ('marketplace' - don't you love those accents?) is from an old Slavic word 'trh' meaning just 'market', and that is the word which you will still find in the old centre of Prague in street names such as 'Ovocný trh' (Fruit Market) and 'Uhelný trh' (Coal Market). What is now Wenceslas Square was once known as 'Koňský trh' (Horse Market).

Those interested in the etymology of placenames might like to read this interesting discussion concerning the possibility that 'Trieste' derives from a variant of this word. 
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Randy said...

Our posts are somewhat similar, with the peppers I mean. I love watching the shoppers at markets. Nice photo.

Gina Hearn said...

This is the only place I can get Tony to go shopping with me - the large spicy Hungarian salami, speciality cheeses and honey beer might just have something to do with it!

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