Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Café Sladkovský

The handsome ground floor of this otherwise somewhat distressed building on the corner of Sevastopolská (Sebastopol St) and Černomořská (Black Sea St) is home to Sladkovský's, the new café and tapas bar which has quickly established itself as a convivial 'local' in this corner of Vršovice.

As always, food, drink and good company are the driving forces, but none of that is any good without effective management. Owner-manager Michal and his team have worked fantastically hard to make this characterful place to come to life; the staff go out of their way to be friendly (especially to those who like me still struggle with the vernacular) and there's a really strong sense of community as people wander in at all times of day and night with prams, pushchairs and assorted dogs.

Inside, the decor is still in a state of flux, though pride of place must go to the enormous stage lights salvaged from Barrandov Film Studios, a few miles upstream, which now hang over the bar. But it's the food that makes this place the real deal. For delightful mezze to full English brunch (served from 11.30, washed down by tap beers Lobkowicz and Rychtař, Birrell for the non-alcoholic, or a quick sharp stab of Goppion espresso) Sladkovsky's is the place to be.


Anonymous said...

I agree. Great place - you couldn't want a better day-to-night cafe, with friendly people and good cooking. And they have one of the best-equipped children's rooms (a whole ROOM - not just a corner!) in Prague. I like the fact that the third room is now cosier, too. Had wondered where the lights came from...

Anonymous said...

are there smokers there, to ruin the taste of the coffee and therefore my entire day? what about loud americans?

Alex Went said...

The back room is non-smoking, and volume (from whatever nationality) is generally polite :)

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