Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Southern Prague from the Žižkov Tower

This photo is taken from a height of 300 feet, just under halfway up the TV tower, and shows the southern aspect of Prague, looking out as far as the city limits. The dramatic foreshortening means that nearly every row of houses is in a separate district.

We start in the bottom right foreground with Prague 3 (Žižkov), and the Church of the Sacred Heart with its distinctive tower. The two adjacent orange-roofed buildings just below the middle of the picture are on Korunní Street in Vinohrady, after which the land falls away suddenly and you will spot another green cupola, this time the roof of the Civic Bank building in Vršovice - the district which occupies the middle strip of the photo.

Beyond this, the railway separates Vršovice from Prague 4 (Nusle and Michle) apart from the wooded high ground to the right - Bohdalec hill - which forms Vršovice's southern extremity. The near background is filled with the sprawling suburbs of Kačerov and the delightfully vowel-less Krč, home to the famous hospital.
The dominant building dead centre is Michle's shiny new BB Centrum (2010), one of many new residential and shopping areas being built in the area, while the distant background is occupied by the far suburbs of Prague 11 and a range of hills stretching southwards towards central Bohemia and Tabor.


Jilly said...

What a stunning photograph, Alex. Absolutely love the mix of colours of the buildings. An artist couldn't have planned it better.

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