Saturday, 31 July 2010

Sudička Restaurant

Prague cuisine has come a long way since the bad old days of dumplings and overdone cabbage, though these classics are still available if you know where to look.  Today's breed of boutique eateries provides a wide range of international delights, and Nitranská is blessed with two very good such restaurants in close proximity. One is the well-known Mozaika, but only a block away is the less expensive but no less superb Sudička. May I give a plug for my favourite restaurant?

Sudička is the name of the old woman who, in Slavic mythology, spins the yarn of a child's destiny; and in this below-street-level cellar, with sunlight filtering in from the upper world, one can easily imagine her at work. I have been here three or four times in the last six months in excellent company, and always plump for one particular dish - a smoked salmon salad with fennel and strawberries, and a glass of chilled Müller Thurgau. At £7, this is not only excellent value, but also gourmet cuisine of the highest order.

The restaurant was at one time a coal-store and later a laundry, serving the art-nouveau house above. The management at Sudička are charming, if eccentric. Their card indicates that they are 'usually open from 12.33 until 11pm, though frequently longer'. I think that covers most eventualities. From here it's just a short walk past the water tower and over the hill to Vršovice for a well-earned rest.


Karin said...

Yes, when my husband and I were in Prague this winter, we ate here. It is really nice and comfy in winter....candlelight, good menu. Very popular so we had to come back another night...I look forward to several good meals when we return....Enjoying your blog very much! We lived in the Vinohrady area, and used it to find some of the things you mention. I am going to find lots more to see (thanks to you) next winter.

Karin Shepherd on Paros (Greek island)

Jilly said...

This looks and sounds so good. I made the mistake of ordering dumplings when I was in Prague. I don't remember where we were but strangely they were sweet. Well I suppose because I couldn't find any that didn't have meat in them.

Alex Went said...

Jilly, I think what you had were ovocni knedliky - fruit dumplings - which are usually served with sugar, melted butter and grated sheep cheese. Delicious but fattening.

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