Thursday, 1 July 2010


Loyal followers will recall that this blog is part of the excellent City Daily Photo network, which hosts a theme day at the start of each month.

July's designated subject is 'Reflections', so if you were wondering why I made my way upstream to Hamerský Rybník (Hammermill Pond) last weekend, now you know. I'm torn between two photos taken that day, but in the end I think the willows have it. The swan, however, is highly commended and is included below for all to admire.

Willows have a particular significance at Eastertime in the Czech Republic. A pagan tradition survives in these parts according to which the menfolk - boys included - whip the women of the household and neighbourhood with a braided willow stick called a 'pomlázka', in order to impart youth and vitality to them for another year - well, that's what they say they're doing. Even more weirdly, they are then rewarded by the whippees, with chocolate eggs for the little ones and strong booze for the grown-ups.

On the subject of mythology, the pond has one or two other surprises - a cool 18th century vinný sklep (wine cellar) set into the side of the hill, and, also on the far bank, a strange gnome garden where children are taken to see the fairies. More next time...

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J Bar said...

Beautiful theme day post.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Jilly said...

A beautiful reflection, Alex. Hmmm, that tradition was obviously started by men...!

ps I love the swan too.

Boom Nisanart said...

Lovely : )

Small City Scenes said...

Ponds make good reflection subject and that is just what I did too. and Like you I posted two shots because I like them both. Such a coincident. MB

VP said...

A beautiful place and an excellent reflection.

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

Beautiful place and great reflections.
Melbourne Daily Photo

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