Thursday, 8 July 2010

In the Elf Garden

Shhh! Tread carefully! This is the boundary fence of the elf-garden I mentioned briefly the other day. It's at the far end of Hammermill Pond, which we visited last week. And here, once upon a time, a fantasy writer named Jaroslav Boček set one of his most famous stories.

It concerns an elf called Hajásko who lives by the pond in the hollow of an old willow tree. Every evening he grabs his little toolbag and sets off though the nearby streets. And whenever he spies through a window children whose eyes are still open he slips into the house and sets to work. In mild cases just a tap on the back of the head ushers the little darlings off to the land of Nod, but for mischievous children who insist on drinking orange or going for one more pee, he spreads his magic umbrella, enchants them with his magic lantern and whispers stories in their ears.

But for those wicked children who adamantly refuse to go to sleep he has a little box of powdered poppyseed, and though he's never opened it yet, it waits on the shelf for the moment when it's needed.

The cups which decorate Hajásko's little garden fence are a real curiosity for local children. There's also a wishing well, a home-made weather station, and a kennel with a stuffed dog.


Roberto Machado Alves said...

Very interesting and it's a good idea.



Jilly said...

Enchanting. A lovely story and photo.

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