Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Homesick Elephant

Kevin Kelly and Sara FitzSimmons - as you can tell from their surnames - are from the USA, but the spirit of the Emerald Isle is very much alive in their ballads, which they compose and perform under the name Homesick Elephant. Last night, fresh(ish) from a gig in Berlin, they sang for what I believe is called a 'small but appreciative' crowd in the back room at Shakespeare and Sons.

Their repertoire comprises a number of soulful pieces including one called 'Ireland' which you can hear by clicking above. It comes from their 2007 album, The Ghost of Philadelphia, a reference to the duo's home town. This is a very musical pairing, Kelly's lyrical picking sensitively matched by the soft, clear tones of FitzSimmons's vocals. Their decision to move west has clearly been a good choice: Kelly now works as Assistant Professor of Music at Los Angeles City College, a publicly-funded initiative in Hollywood which enables students from all backgrounds to enjoy excellent tuition at low cost.

Over the last decade Shakespeare's has hosted many such folk events, as well as poetry readings, films and any number of other artistic happenings. Now it's due for a change of management but it's much to be hoped that troubadours and itinerant writers will still gather here to while away the evening in good company. Sláinte!


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