Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Reasons to Celebrate!

Not sure why these 'ohňostroj' were going off today in Vršovice, but it's not untypical at this time of year.

Perhaps they were celebrating the fact that two Czech tennis stars are making such good headway at Wimbledon. Petra Kvitová has made it to the semi-finals, the first time in her career she has reached the last eight in a major tournament; and later today Tomáš Berdych, the Czech number one, will play Roger Federer in the men’s quarter-finals.

He has a massive reputation to live up to. Two of the greatest names in tennis history were also Czechs: Ivan Lendl, and of course the great Martina Navrátilová, about whom the record speaks more eloquently than I can.

Perhaps if Berdych gets through to the semis, the BBC will start pronouncing his name properly: 'ich' as in German, not 'itch' as in scratch... I don't know - where do they get their researchers?

In other sporting news, I read that an Englishman is swimming a section of the Vltava: 175 km from České Budějovice, where he started today, to Prague, where he will arrive on 17 July. Paul Whitaker is swimming three hours a day to raise money for Asistence, a Czech charity that helps the multiply-disabled to enjoy an active life, and you can donate by clicking on his name. There's something to celebrate.


Hilda said...

I wish I could comment intelligently about sports, but I don't follow them so I can't. I do like fireworks though, and you captured this one well. ;)

Alex Went said...

Hi Hilda - it was a bit of a fluke, one of about five taken with 18x zoom from my window right at the end of the firework display. The others came out blurred, so I was lucky to get this one. Thanks for your kind comments.

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