Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Internet Laundry

Andy's Laundromat at 14 Korunní is one of the great institutions of this part of town. Open daily from 8 till 8, its claim to fame is as a cyber-laundry, where customers and their clothes can surf to their hearts' content. As well as four networked computers there's a cosy snug, and the friendly English-speaking staff always offer you a cup of coffee while you wait.  A single wash and dry (praní a sušení) costs about £4.50 and takes just under an hour; while for those staying longer than the average backpacker, a full laundry service with hand ironing and folding can be had for under a tenner.

Čistírna comes from the Czech word for clean, and usually means 'dry cleaning'- though technically Andy's is a 'prádelna', from the word 'prádlo' ('linen'). Did you know, by the way, that the English word 'laundry' is similarly derived from the old word for linen ('lawn'), which in turn comes from the French city of Laon, a great mediaeval centre of cloth manufacture? I love etymology!

Korunní, or 'Crown Street', is a long avenue stretching between Náměsti Míru and Nám. Jiřího z Poděbrad. It demarcates the northern boundary of Prague 10, and if followed far enough, brings you to a beautiful water tower, which I suppose would at one time have supplied this building with water ... though not broadband.


Luis Gomez said...

This is pretty cool. Great idea.

Tom Phillips said...

Remember it well. We sneaked the last wash before the water main outside blew in the summer of 2007. Daughter most disappointed that her only emails were spam from Russell Grant. You bought a fridge just down the street.

Alex said...

Great gods, Tom - it must have made a significant impression! I'd completely forgotten about that. Come out again soon with some dirty laundry and we'll make a return visit!

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