Friday, 25 December 2009

Happy Christmas

During the last two months, regular readers will have come to appreciate the diverse architecture of this artistic neighbourhood, from its art-nouveau apartments and splendid cupola of the Civic Bank of 1912, to the minimalist 1928 Church of St Wenceslas, and the Husův Sbor (see yesterday's post) built in 1930. Nestled somewhere in the mid-ground, undetectable in this photo, is the oldest building in Vršovice, the Church of St Nicolas (1704). 

You have also been introduced to some of the eccentricity and delight of the bohemian quarter as it appears to a foreigner's eyes, and much of its history, anecdotal or otherwise. And I have tried to express a little of the spirit of the people who live and work here.

As I have mentioned before, I feel the title of the blog is slightly misleading, since we have also already strayed as far as Nusle to the right of this photo and Vinohrady to the left, and will no doubt pay visits to Žižkov and Vyšehrad in due course.

But my resolution for the new year will be to explore the much larger extent of Prague 10 as it spreads eastwards away from the centre, an area where art-nouveau gives way to urbanism in its most uncompromising and bleakest guise. Four years ago someone picked my pocket on tram 7 travelling East, and I have not been that way since by public transport. It's going to be gritty, grim, and dangerous. Wish me luck.


Tom Phillips said...

I look forward to your dabbling with the 'new constructions' beyond... Lots of love from all of us - our days in Vrsovice and Brno remain splendid. Lots of love, all the Phillipses.

Paros Shepherd said...

Hi Alex,
I have been pick-pocketed on the Metro in Athens and on the tram in Instanbul.
Now I am in Prague for three months and being extra careful on all transit.
My wife and I are really enjoying your blog as we livenear the intersections of Prague 2,3 and 10.

We are having a very Happy Christmas here and hope you are too.


J Bar said...

Fantastic shot.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

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