Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Girl with a Dove

On its simple white pedestal, the graceful 'Dívka s holubicí' (Girl with a Dove) by sculptor Jiří Kryštůfek (born 1932) is one of the most striking statues in Prague. The simplicity of its concept belies the complexity of technique, which has a dove literally at the point of release from the girl's outstretched hand.

Kryštůfek, who studied at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts, is an internationally renowned sculptor specializing in such youthful forms, whose work is held in private collections in the Czech Republic, the USA, France, Holland, Belgium and Germany.

The alternative name for this 1979 statue, which stands outside St Ludmila's cathedral, is 'Mir' - embodying the tutelary spirit of Peace Square (Náměstí Míru). But 'Dívka s holubicí' is also a memorial.  Archive footage shows that this remarkable piece was erected on the very spot where a number of Soviet soldiers were buried in May 1945 in the aftermath of the liberation of Prague.

As we approach the end of the year, I wish all readers of this post a peaceful conclusion to 2009 and a New Year of hope and renewed happiness.


Julie said...

The image itself is such a potent symbol for our hopes and dreams as we enter each new year. I hope during 2010, we hold onto the ideas behind this statue just that little bit longer.

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