Saturday, 28 November 2009

Corner of Košická and Černormořská

As is the way in this part of town, we find ourselves at the intersection between a city and the sea. I should explain: 'Černomořská', where I'm standing, is 'Black Sea Street', and 'Košická' is named after Slovakia's second city Košice, whose fabulous gold hoard unearthed in 1935 is on display till next month in the National Museum here in Prague.

Gold and black seem appropriate for this photo, too, which was taken at about three o'clock today when dark storm clouds briefly contended with the late November sunshine over Vršovice.

Just beyond the buildings on the right, not pictured, is the extraordinary art-nouveau Civic Bank building which featured in the post of 18 November.

There are two or three small hotels to the right, and then Košická climbs up steeply to the left until it meets Moscow Street at the Heroldovy Sady gardens, and opens out into a broad square with a pleasant restaurant, the Tramtárie. You can download their menu (with English subtitles) by going here and clicking the links halfway down the page.

From there the road descends to Vršovice Square (Vršovické náměstí), and the oldest surviving building in the neighbourhood, which we'll look at more closely tomorrow...


Jilly said...

Love the shadows and the light in this photo. Beautiful soft colours.

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