Friday, 13 November 2009

Bookshop on Jana Masaryka, Vinohrady

This is the bookshop (knihkupectví) on Jana Masaryka. In the winter months its welcoming glow is always a friendly sight when getting off the tram.

The street is named after Jan Masaryk, son of the much-loved president of the First Republic, Tomáš Masaryk.  Jan was the Czech ambassador to London during the war and became Foreign Minister of the Government-in-Exile.

In March 1948 Masaryk died under mysterious circumstances when he fell from a window of the Černín Palace near Prague Castle.

Given the fact that Czech history has been marked on several significant occasions by acts of 'defenestration' - literally tipping people out of windows - the original ruling of suicide has been contended many times.

Although two recent investigations, in 2004 and 2006, have concluded that Jan Masaryk was murdered by the first communist government, the fact is we will probably never know. Unless the answer lies in one of those books, of course...


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