Thursday, 12 November 2009

St Ludmila's Church, Vinohrady

Today's picture is of the church of Saint Ludmila, who was the grandmother of Wenceslas I (known to all and sundry as 'Good King', though he wan't technically a king). She it was who brought up the young Wenceslas, instructing him in language and literature and of course the principles of good government. Wenceslas's mother was uneasy about his grandmother's influence on the future ruler, and had her strangled.

The church itself is not old, by Prague standards - it's 'Victorian' Gothic, unlike the Cathedral Church of St Vitus, which is mainly real Gothic. It stands in the beautiful square known as Náměstí Míru (Peace Square), just ten minutes' walk from the top of Wenceslas Square. A popular meeting-place, it has an underground station of the same name, and a good tram service (the no. 22, which takes you straight into Town, crossing the river by the National Theatre and going on up to Prague Castle - for this reason it's popular with tourists ... and pickpockets).

This catholic church has a strong Sunday congregation, and an excellent choir and organ. It has also starred in several films, most recently the re-make of The Omen.

Technically the church is not in Vršovice but in the next-door district of Vinohrady, the slightly more posh residential area whose name comes from the mediaeval vineyards which once dominated this side of the river.

The statue of 'Peace' in Náměstí Míru


Jilly said...

What a story! Wenceslas had some mother... Beautiful photographs, Alex. I love the light on the building and that beautiful statue of Peace.

Wishing you lots of luck with this blog which I know is going ot be a tremendous success.

Hilda said...

A good grandmother and ruler, and an evil mother — what a tale! The church is magnificent if this entry is any indication. Love the light and the framing of the leaves too.

Very, very different from the modern church in your post today! I'm not very crazy about its overall look, but the spire is striking.

Welcome to the CDP community and happy photoblogging!

Alex said...

Thanks Hilda. Yes, the interior is also beautiful but I think I need permission to take pics - look out for them later in the year!

Leif Hagen said...

A heavenly photo of a magnificent cathedral exterior! I wonder what it looks like inside? Welcome to CDP network! Kind regards from EAGAN daily photo in Minnesota, USA

Alex said...

Many thanks Leif. I was lucky with the winter sunlight that day - and we still have leaves on the trees - perfect! Interiors coming later.

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